These are the results of a semester of experimentation with different methods of printmaking. While "Bird" and "Água-viva" were brief studies on the technical aspects of different printing methods, "Rewind" was a longer project combining my interest in digital and analogical media. The illustrations were taken from journal entries from the summer of 2012. Only a year later were they digitized to make the acrylic used for printing. The combination of techniques gave me freedom to modify the images many times during the process and change them as my memories of the events also changed. The results are a very personal record of not only the events as I understood them at the time but also of the process of forgetting places, events and people.

Bird (2014) and detail
Woodblock print

Água-viva (2013) and detail
Lithography print

Rewind (2013) and details
etchings using laser cut acrylic plates and embroidery on paper

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